The theory of biorythms is essentially simple. On the day of your birth, three internal clocks started 'ticking'. Each one is represented by a biorythm that can be calculated and drawn. Together these three biorythms can be used to show the state of your mind and body.


There is an emotional cycle which is controlled by the female cells in your body, it dictates your emotional mood, and in women controls PMT.


There is a physical cycle that is controlled by the male cells in your body, and is responsible for how energetic you feel.


The third is an intellectual biorythm that controls your mental well-being.

How do I read my biorythms?

Each biorythm cycle started positive when you were born, and slowly decayed into the negative region crossing the 'base line'. The body then recharges and the biorythm passes back into the positive region.Each biorythm has a different cycle length, so they cross the 'base line' in different places.As a biorythm crosses the 'base line' it upsets the balance within your body, these days are called 'critical' days.In the rare occurrence of all three cycles crossing the base line on the same day, you will feel intellectually, physically and emotional drained, this is called a 'Triple Critical' day.

When you look at your biorythms you will see a white horizontal line through the graph (x-axis). This line represents the 'base line' that your biorythms relate to. There is also a vertial white line across the graph (y-axis) that represents today.Each vertial tick going left to right represents another day.

What does all this mean?

Basiclly, note where each biorythm crosses the base line. This indicates your bodies current state.

Physical Crosses Base Line

On physical critical days you may feel more tired and exhausted than usual, or perhaps you are hyperactive, but in any event it is easier to misjudge your physical state - to pull a muscle during exercise, for instance, or in someother way to overstrain yourself. Some people find they get drunk on much smaller amounts of alcohol; others have difficulty in sleeping.

Emotional Crosses Base Line

On emotional critical days it is easier to lose your temper, to carp andcriticize; but easier also to be moved to tears by a piece of music or a foolish soap opera.

Intellectual Crosses Base Line

The intellectual cycle seems to affect your judgement, so that it is easier to make mistakes in business, in working out the electricity bill or the number of shopping days to christmas, to dash into some silly error or misjudge someone's character.

How do I view my Biorythms?

Enter you date of birth below and your Biorythms will be plotted.